Stoneshouse joins Food and Bev. Live
The Stonehouse Trade Show is to run alongside Food & Bev Live  at Citywest, Dublin on 6th F...

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Swiss and Irish Legends
By Deirdre McGlone   If there was ever a name that was synonymous with the very best in the w...

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50 Years of Bar Education
By  Andrew O'Gorman   This article was written 50 years ago- but little has changed: &n...

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Free Energy Workshops is running a series of FREE Focus on Energy Workshops during March across the co...

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Stoneshouse joins Food and Bev. Live
Swiss and Irish Legends
50 Years of Bar Education
Free Energy Workshops


Stoneshouse joins Food and Bev. Live

The Stonehouse Trade Show is to run alongside Food & Bev Live  at Citywest, Dublin on 6th February 2018.


Pictured are Brian Elliott, White Hat Brand Manager & Foodservice and Alcohol Coordinator at Stonehouse; Niamh Kenny, Food & Bev Live Show Manager and Mark Murphy, Head Chef at Citywest Hotel & Conference Centre.
Teaming up to bring its annual show to Food & Bev Live 2018, Stonehouse, Ireland’s leading independent wholesale company, will take over the Lakes Suite on the second floor of the Convention Centre at Citywest, where its White Hat brand and product portfolio will take centre stage offering its members’ customers a unique range of special offers and new product launches.
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Swiss and Irish Legends

By Deirdre McGlone
cesar ritz 1030x1030If there was ever a name that was synonymous with the very best in the world of hotels, it is Ritz. And the man responsible for this was César Ritz, often referred to as “the hotelier of kings and the king of hoteliers.” Born in Niederwald, Switzerland on February 23rd 1850 to a farming family, he accomplished an unprecedented career in the hospitality industry and rose to legendary status. And he did this with a lot of hard work, innovation, flair and a touch of class. During his illustrious career, Ritz was the manager of many high-end hotels such as Le Splendide in Paris and The Grand Hotel National in Lucerne but he is most known for his involvement in The Savoy Hotel and The Ritz Hotel in London and Hotel Ritz in Paris.
‘Characteristics of a great hotelier’
As a hotelier, Ritz’s strength was his ability to understand and satisfy the needs of wealthy customers and this together with his burning desire to build a hotel empire, led to him pioneering the foundations of what would become known as luxury hospitality. Many of the touches that Ritz introduced to his hotels are still standard practice in today’s modern luxury hotels. Ritz was known for his well-kept appearance, remarkable memory for names and ability to innovate and improvise. He was very aware of the importance of public relations in the hospitality industry.
If a hotel or restaurant was to become known and remain known, it was essential that it became a subject of conversation.
Over the years, Ritz learned many tricks of the trade to ensure that his name and his properties were to the forefront in the media. Many hoteliers of today take inspiration from such a legendary hotelier. It is César Ritz’s passion for luxury, excellence and customer service that has set the standard for hotels and restaurants throughout the world.
Ritz continued with his hectic pace of work until he had to retire in 1907 due to deteriorating health. He died in Küssnacht, near Lucerne, Switzerland at the age of 68. He is buried in his homeplace in Niederwald, Switzerland. Visiting his final resting place on a recent holiday to Switzerland, I was moved by his story and found many links that resonated with our philosophy at Harvey’s Point, which is to blend the highest standards of world class hotel-keeping with genuine Irish hospitality.
Legendary Hoteliers in my world
From an early age, hotels fascinated me. Our family would sit together every evening to watch the British television soap opera “Crossroads” which was set in a fictional motel (later a hotel) in the Midlands in England. I loved the characters and sometimes weak storyline. We used to spend summer holidays in the Glenbay Hotel in Glencolmcille, county Donegal. I remember wanting to find out how they could feed so many people at one time. Somehow I always found myself taking summer jobs and college placements in hotels and restaurants in Ireland, France and Germany. I had the pleasure of being invited on a benchmarking trip with Fáilte Ireland to Dubai and meeting the teams behind the world famous Jumeirah hotel group. Seeing back of house of the seven star Burj Al Arab was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.
Brede Hyland – The Central Hotel, Donegal Town 1921 – 2005
Every Christmas Eve, our Mammy would invite us for lunch in the Central Hotel. I can still remember the open fire, the gleaming copper pots, the burgundy carpet in the cosy bar and the tasty food. The Central Hotel was owned and managed for many years by the Hyland family, with a great lady called Brede Hyland at the helm. She was a hardworking hotelier who was highly regarded as having a keen eye for detail and a passion for great hospitality.
Mary Britton – The Sandhouse Hotel, Rossnowlagh   1925-2007
I had a happy childhood growing up near the magnificent Rossnowlagh beach, which is also home to the famous Sandhouse Hotel, formerly owned by the Britton family. Working there during school holidays, I remember being in awe of the formidable Mary Britton, who was a legendary hotelier in the truest sense. She was known for her sharp business mind and tongue! She demanded the highest standards and nothing short of perfection would do. Mary Britton pushed out the marketing boundaries for the Irish hotel business. She brought visitors from the UK even in difficult political times and was one of the very first hoteliers to go to the US market, promoting Ireland as a tourist destination. Mary was way ahead of her time and even introduced surfing to Donegal, long before Donegal was recognized as the “coolest place on the planet!”
Jim White – The White Hotel Group   1938 – 2014
An extraordinary man of great talent and ambition, Jim White was a businessman, politician, and hotelier. He owned a string of hotels throughout Ireland and was responsible for bringing coach loads of visitors from the UK and Europe. As a giddy teenager, I spent two summer seasons working for Jim in his hotels in Lisdoonvarna. I worked hard and loved every minute of being immersed in busy hotel life. Like César Ritz, Jim White looked for every opportunity to keep the PR machine going and even found ways such as hosting match-making festivals to bring visitors to his hotels in search of love and happiness. Jim expected everyone to work as hard as he did and to share his passion for his beloved hotels. A shrewd businessman, Jim always had a kind word for people and he exuded positivity. I learned a lot from him and in later years, he took great pride in telling everyone that he had ‘made a hotelier out of me’.
Dom Breslin – The Abbey Hotel, Donegal Town   1935 – 2016
Dom Breslin was the perfect host. He seemed to appear in the hotel at anytime, anywhere, with a twinkle in his eye, a nod of his head and arm outstretched for that famous Dom Breslin handshake. Dom was a ‘hands-on hotelier’. His office was on the shop floor, meeting guests, lifting glasses in the bar, carrying luggage and helping out. He knew every staff member by name and he showed them how it’s done, how not to be afraid of hard work and how to lead by example. Dom was renowned for his generosity and it was not unknown for him to buy a round of drink for everyone in the bar with the most subtle wave of his hand to the barman. Mary, his late wife, and Dom were the perfect team. They worked tirelessly in a business that demands so much. They carved a niche in the community – bringing people together to celebrate the many milestones of life. Their family has inherited the same work ethic and dedication to hospitality. Dom Breslin was indeed a Donegal legend. He was many things to many people but I will remember him most as being a humble and hardworking hotelier who dedicated his life to making people happy.
‘Swiss-made in Ireland’
Many hotels in Donegal were family-run and built on generations of hard work. Some have changed hands and some are still going strong. There is one hotelier who to me, stands out from the crowd and in many ways, has elements of the César Ritz hotel philosophy. This hotelier has had the Vision to create a hotel that is uniquely special. His passion for perfection and pursuit of excellence are unparalleled. I have had the good fortune and pleasure to work for and with this legendary hotelier for the past twenty-seven years of happy hotel-keeping. His name is Jody Gysling!

50 Years of Bar Education

By  Andrew O'Gorman
This article was written 50 years ago- but little has changed:
Ten years ago it might have been thought ridiculous and today there are people in the licensed trade who think that it is ridiculous that apprentices to the trade should have to attend a three year course of training at a school in addition to their work behind the counter.
At the present time the apprentice’s courses conducted by the Dublin Vocational Education Authority for apprentices in the trade will or should need no introduction to any one in the trade. It may be difficult to establish who was primarily responsible for the scheme but it can be said in all certainty that a need for special training to keep up with the changing trends in the trade was felt on” both sides of the fence” and that this resulted in the setting up of the courses.  
When the Apprentices classes were first started over five years ago they were conducted in the union offices but it soon became evident that if the scheme was to become even a moderate success it should be properly organised. It was with this in mind that the classes came under the auspices of The School of Retail Distribution which was already catering for apprentices in other distributive trades for a number of years. So early in 1965 the classes changed their abode from the union offices to the former residence of Lord Enniskillen at 39 Parnell Square.
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Free Energy Workshops is running a series of FREE Focus on Energy Workshops during March across the country.

Energy For Publishing

 The workshops will cover Good Practice, Avoiding lighting upgrade quick-rich-schemes, Explaining Energy Credits and how can you get paid for them, Understanding energy consumption and procurement advice.
 Most of the country is covered with workshops in Limerick (7th), Galway (8th), Sligo (15th), Letterkenny (16th), Kilkenny (28th), Tullamore (29th) and Dublin (30th)
 With energy prices appearing to plateau, managing and reducing consumption is vital over the next few years or costs could soar.  These ½ day workshops (9.00am to 1.00pm) will provide delegates with current good advice and show them what they need to be doing if they want to manage energy costs better.
 Attendance is free but you need to make a booking – click here
The Programme ( is the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Ireland. provides Resource Efficiency Advice, Support and Consulting to the Hotel, Tourism & Hospitality sector across Ireland. also offers an environmental certification programme which is the only Irish developed certification standard for the whole hospitality sector.
Resource Efficiency leads to reduced costs across the Energy, Water and Waste areas within a business. has particular expertise in these areas and is confident that it can assist any business in reducing their costs.
Hotels, Tourism and Hospitality businesses can engage with at any support level - be it Energy management, site visit reviews, training, workshops/Master Classes, benchmarking, etc.  Whatever your need - engage with us. Certification
Certification is an optional choice for businesses, many larger hospitality businesses - especially hotels - are finding that their customers and business clients are expecting them to have programmes in place. Eco-label and Awards are recognised both nationally and internationally as standards that allow members achieve good environmental performance and allow visitors to choose "Greener" hospitality businesses knowing that defined criteria are being implemented and monitored.
Hotels CSR Mark of Good Practice is developing this mark to bring together under one identity the environmental, employee and community activities hotels are engaged in.  This CSR Mark of Good Practice will single out those hotels that are leaders within the sector and their communities and will enable them to promote their hotel to businesses across Ireland and Internationally who adopt CSR as a business requirement from their suppliers.

Can Francis Help You ?

Are you about to take an exciting next step with your business and want to be on TV?  Wadell Media is currently searching for businesses to star on RTÉ


’s hit show At Your Service and it could be you!

If you have a business with big plans for transformation and would like the help of hotel expert Francis Brennan, this opportunity could be for you.  The production company is  keen to hear from people who own or run a hospitality business, which has a food or accommodation element, and could benefit from Francis’s expert knowledge.

They are also looking for different projects for the show, so if you’re thinking of diversifying, e.g. opening a shop, tearoom or other start-up business, please get in touch if you think Francis could help.

 Contact Maggi Gibson, Producer or Mairead Kelly, Researcher Tel: 02890 427646 or 00 44 2890 427646

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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