Food +Bev Live exceeds expectations
“With the addition of new features, National competitions, and the launch of the Irish Foodservice S...

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Awards for Foodservice Suppliers
Organised by the industry for the industry, Food & Bev Live returns to the Citywest Dublin on th...

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'Food Service Must Cut Waste' says Mahony
The Food service industry must play its part in reducing food waste,  Noel Mahony, chief execut...

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Hotels dump food worth €180m.
 The EPA released a research report last week – “Reducing Commercial Food Waste in Ireland”alon...

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Food +Bev Live exceeds expectations
Awards for Foodservice Suppliers
'Food Service Must Cut Waste' says Mahony ...
Hotels dump food worth €180m.

'65% growth for 9% Vat' deal proposed

ITIC has claimed that the Irish tourissm industry can deliver growth of 65% if the incoming government restores the 9% Vat rate. The Irish Tourism Industry Confederation itictriopublished its election manifesto and said Brexit, weakened demand and increased costs of business have resulted in revenue falling by 1% in 2019 with regional Ireland hit hardest.
 The confederation is made up of tourism businesses and stakeholders including Aer Lingus, B&B Ireland, Irish Ferries, the Restaurant Association of Ireland and the Vintner’s Federation of Ireland.
Along with a VAT reduction, the confederation said the cost of insurance must also be addressed.


“The judicial council must be set up without delay, a new book of quantum determined, more transparency provided on how premiums are collated and cases settled, and a Garda fraud unit established,” the manifesto states.
They also want the airport departure tax to remain suspended to support aviation access to Ireland.
The confederation said the state invests €186m per annum in tourism and receives €2.1bn back in direct tourism-related taxes.
It is calling on the new government to commit to an immediate €20m increase in investment.
“There is no better sector to invest in to generate a return for Government and to provide balanced regional development.”



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