The Luvvie Season

The Luvvie Season is well under way as hundeds of hospitality people gather for banquets at which awards are distributed. Both the number of events and the numbers eligible to attend are growing with each passing year. One Awards ceremony a few weeks ago had more than 80 nominees and 15 winners.

The economics of these award schemes are based around signing up sponsors for the various 'categories' and selling tickets for the banquet to nominees and their guests. So the more categories and the more nominees, the happier are the organisers.

The awards in most cases are for 'Best Hotel', 'Best Restaurant', 'Best Customer Service' etc. and in the best-run schemes all,  or the majority of the enterprises entering are visited anonymously by judges. Various ssystems can be used to make the assessments as fair as possible, but inevitably all of the awards are based to some extent on the subjective opinion of the judges.

What if we had truly objective awards based on cold facts rather than opinions ?.

The 'Hotel of the Year' or 'Restaurant of the Year' would be decided on 'Return on Capital Employed' as verified in the company accounts. Awards could also be made for 'Growth in Sales', 'RevPar', 'Reduction in Overhead', 'Repeat Bookings'  and for ther HR people 'Staff Retention.' All of these 'vital statistics' are verifiable and could be assessed without any need for travel or anonymous visits by adjudicators.

Such a scheme would certainly identify hospitality businessess which are performing well and could prove that they are doing so.

I would forsee a certain reluctance on the part of businesses to open their books for scrutiny, but if the award was sufficiently pretigious, I am confident that the beetter operations would come forward.

So, all we need is a s ponsor.



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