Could Bill Fire Silvio ?

Italy could use hotelier Bill Cullen right now. Not to tell them how to run their hotels, but to say to Silvio Berlusconi 'Your Fired'.

Silvio must be the cutest hoor in Europe and would leave the legendary Bertie in the shade. Imagine surviiving 50 Confidence Votes. As I write, he is gone and he is not gone. He has said that he is going, but he is still there and says he will remain until some law is passed in Parliament. Does anyone believe for a moment that he will just slip away quietly. Certainly the bond traders don't and that's why they are dumping Italian bonds faster than a Milanese barista serving espressos.

The difficulty in firing Silvio reminded me of a true story of a few decades ago. A wealthy hotelier was served a poorly-cooked breakfast in his own five star property and immediatelty instructed the manager to fire the hapless breakfast chef, which he did with exceptional haste.

A few hours later the hotelier was driving towards a nearby city when he noticed a young man hitch hiking. He pulled the Merc over and gave the lad a lift.

'What do you do for a living ?', the hotelier asked.

'I'm a chef'

'Are you working ?'

'Not at the moment'.

Whereupon the hotelier performed a U turn, sped back to his hotel and marched the young man up to meet the manager.

'Have you replaced the breakfast chef yet ?', he asked.

'Well- no sir', said the manager.

'Well you have now', the hotelier told him, introducing his new protegee.

And so a breakfast chef was fired and re-hired before the dishes had been even washed.




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