Bug Snacks in 'Pestaurant'

Rentokil, the pest-control company is encouraging people to sample edible grubs and insects in a pop-up 'Pestaurant'.

Snacks on offer will include salted weaver ants, barbecued mole crickets and chocolate-dipped worms.

As part of its 80th birthday celebrations, Rentokil Initial is hosting what it terms a pop-up ‘pestaurant’ in Killarney on 11th. May.

The company, which is the largest pest control outfit in the country, wants to highlight that insects are a viable food alternative.

Europe remains the only continent where edible insects don’t appear on regular menus. A number of different bodies, including the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, see insects as a viable solution to feeding the world’s rapidly growing population.

Many insects are rich in protein, zinc, calcium and iron while also being low in fat. They also have a high “feed conversion rate”, meaning they can be farmed using relatively little land, water and energy compared to livestock.





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