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 Ciara Feely of  ConferenceConverterToolkit.com is a specialist in how to Attract, Convert and WIN More Conference Business.  Ciara has created The Confe

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rence Converter System  - a formula for how to Fill Your Event Space and Win big in the Conference, Meeting & Event Market.  Here are a few of her tips.
There are 3 ways to generate more business in any industry -
1.Raise your Prices
2.Generate new clients and customers
3.Generate more sales from people you already know
Everyone loves quick wins.  Point No 3 is the quickest and easiest way to generate more conference sales.   It is all about focusing on winning more business from people you have already spent marketing money on to attract to your hotel or venue.
How to get More Business from people you already know & who already know You!
1.Is your Sales Process generating leads from people you already know?  
2.Are your guests happy with your service or are they advocates for your business and actively working to find conference business opportunities for you??
3.Do guests walk away from your hotel not knowing there are meeting and conference facilities at the hotel? Is there active communication around the hotel letting them know you have fantastic meeting and conference rooms?
How to Convert Lobby Traffic into Conference Leads...
How many people walk through the hotel lobby each month?  Attending a wedding, going to the bar or restaurant, perhaps they are frequent users of the health club or just having a casual meeting in the lobby. You have paid hard marketing money to get them there, now let’s see how the effectiveness of that spend can be amplified.  There are lots of simple ways to turn the hundreds of guests that walk through your lobby every month into word of mouth marketers – here are 3 simple steps to take to ensure your guests leave knowing there is meeting and conference space at the hotel and that they can refer contacts to you.
1.Marketing by effective signage – 
•What is your lobby saying about your Conference and Meeting Space?  A client of mine generated 10 Show Arounds per month by putting up the following framed sign on the Reception Desk – Ask to see our “Space to Think”
If I only walked into the lobby and restaurant/bar area of the hotel, would I walk out of there not knowing there is fantastic meeting space?  Is there any marketing activity to plant the seed of holding a meeting or conference at the hotel?
8 out of 10 hotels that I visit may have effective signage and marketing material about their wedding suite - there could be a table in the lobby dressed for a wedding set up or perhaps a pop up stand with a photo of a happy bride and groom.  But what is in the public space of a hotel saying we have fantastic meeting and conference space – please ask us to see it? 
Here are some effective ways to ensure everyone leaves the hotel knowing there is meeting and conference space there and they are welcome to take a look at it...
2.Put up photos of the conference space the lobby and bathrooms.  Frame them tastefully so they match the decor, they will be sending a constant subliminal message to those who glance at them.  Ideally use quirky photos that will be interesting and a conversation starter.
Don’t put up a pop up stand, they are over used and just clog up the lobby and walk way areas.
3.Send Frequent Messages consistently from different areas of your hotel.
•Signage in the parking area – “Conference /Meeting Rooms or Event Space” pointing to the closest door to the conference area.  This way everyone will see there are meeting and conference rooms even if they are arriving for a spa treatment.
•Finger posts in the garden pointing to the conference/meeting centre  – it lets leisure guests know in a subtle way there is conference and meeting rooms and helps to orientate delegates/meeting attendees.
•Sign at front gate to let people know there are meeting rooms in this Hotel.  People passing by who don’t know the hotel are targeted this way.
•What is the in-room information on the conference facilities?  A lot of guests like to flick through the in-room literature.  Make it visual, put in lots of photos.  Perhaps also put a small sign on the desk in the guest room letting them know it is there.  I find it is a nice touch to put a floor plan of the hotel in the guest rooms also so each guest is orientated and knows exactly what is on property.
Once you generate these extra leads, you now have to convert them.  Writing a Powerful Proposal is the quickest and most effective way to do that.  You are invited to a webinar in which I share the mistakes to avoid in writing a proposal and what the Planner really needs to see in order to say Yes! (and it’s not rate).  These tips helped a client to increase their conversion rate to 75%!. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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