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Diversity is the Key

By Mark Heather
Managing Director of 3Sixty Solutions.  Hospitality Management Consultants.  . :  e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; m: 00 353 87 918 7093

During my time in this industry I have worked and been part of many business models within our trade,  from pubs to nightclubs, cafes to restaurants and hostels to hotels.  The late nineties and early noughties were a time of target markets, demographics, social status and an array of other buzz words to describe the direction in which a licensed premises had undertaken.  But in this climate, can we still afford the luxury of desire over necessity?
Over the coming months I aim to address the issue of diversity and how ultimately it is the key to sustaining and indeed developing our business.  This month, I will be focusing on the positive effects of diversity on the nightclub industry in Ireland.
Historically, the Irish nightclub market could be categorised into four areas:
Over 18’s: Appealing to the young working professionals
Over 23’s Appealing to the now virtually extinct Yuppy crowd
Over 30’s Appealing to what would commonly be referred to as “The Golden Oldies” crowd (a phrase that bothers me more now than it did 10 years ago, for the life of me I cannot think why!).
Students: Aged 18 to 21/22 years old, with a tight budget and big expectations

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Beware- The Bedbugs are Here

By Dr. Elinor Garely, eTN | Sep 09, 2010
Shut the doors, they’re coming in the windows - actually they are being carried in by hotel guests. They are not “little ladies of the night,” and they do not stop at the check-in counter. They are tiny monsters that dine on human blood and procreate faster than rabbits. They cannot be seduced by food or drugs and unlike other insects, they are extremely expensive to eradicate (and never totally eliminated).

They cause hotel executive housekeepers to have nightmares, while customer service employees and public relations executives lose their cool. They are, of course, the notorious bed bug and belong to the family of pests known as Cimex lectularius (insects that feed on human and animal blood to survive). Wingless, they move from place to place by attaching themselves to human beings, luggage, shopping bags, car and airplane seats, and just about anything else that has dark nooks and crannies for them to crawl into and hide.

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Is Your Hotel Different ?

By Caroline Cooper

 Unless you have a USP or some point of differentiation, what will make your hotel stand out above all the rest in your area, or competing for the same market? Some can rely on their location, or the building, or history. But what if your hotel has none of that?

One way of capturing the interests of your guest or prospects is to imagine your perfect guest sharing some of the same passions, values or interests as you. It's a lot easier to sell something you have an interest in, you are passionate about or that’s important to you.  If you don’t love what you do, or feel it’s important, it will show. It will be very hard for you to deliver a good service if you are dealing with people with whom you share no values, interests or enthusiasm.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love my garden, and love visiting other gardens. So if it was my hotel an obvious target market would be other garden lovers. This would not only allow me to attract guests who share my interest and passions, it provides a theme, which can be built on. Such as - sharing knowledge of local historical or famous gardens, forming joint ventures with a local plant nursery, garden designer, gardening author, manufacturer of garden products, or market gardener (or all of these); designing menus planned around locally grown produce.

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Hotels- What Will NAMA Do?

Nama became the biggest lender to the Irish hotel industry this week when it took over loans advanced to the developers of 22 hotels, bringing the total number of hotels on its books to 35.

Some of the hotels involved are based in the UK, but the majority are located in Ireland. Some are individual properties while others are part of mixed developments. Some hotels have been the sole 'non-performing' investment by a developer while others are part of a portfolio of developments which might include residential and commercial properties.

The question being asked by hoteliers this week is 'What will NAMA do about these loans ?', and the answer is very difficult to predict.

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Wyatt Attracts Staycationers

wyatt hotel
The Wyatt Hotel Westport is a charming boutique hotel, situated in the heart of Westport, Co Mayo. The hotel is named after the famous Georgian architect, James Wyatt, who is credited with the design and planning of this picturesque town, one of Ireland's only two planned heritage towns.  The hotel boasts 51 individually designed bedrooms, The Wyatt Restaurant, JW's Bar and Brasserie, Cobblers Bar and Courtyard, as well as a variety of different sized function rooms to accommodate meetings, banquets and weddings.  

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