Restaurants Must Advice on Alcohol hazards

The Government is proposing new rules on alcohol labelling which will make it compulsory to include health warnings and advice, the amount of pure 


alcohol and calorie counts.
Pubs and restaurants will be obliged to provide this information to customers.  
The Cabinet has agreed  plans to ban below-cost selling of alcohol products by introducing a minimum pricing unit as part of new measures to tackle alcohol misuse.  
The proposals contained in a long-delayed Bill, also include calorie and health warning labelling and marketing restrictions.
But proposals stop short of a ban on drink companies sponsoring sports events.
The Government says the minimum pricing unit is able to target cheaper alcohol relative to its strength because the minimum price is determined by and is directly proportional to the amount of pure alcohol in the drink. 
It will also be illegal to market or advertise alcohol in a manner that is appealing to children and for the first time there is legal regulation of sports sponsorship.



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